Deluxe Edition
Theatrical Cut of the film PLUS 25 minutes of additional interviews with director Eric Steel on his process, the film and additional insights into Megan Boyd's life PLUS the theatrical trailer
The Movie
Kiss the Water is a sensual, hypnotic and haunting movie, weaving seamlessly between cinematic documentary and hand-painted animation. 10 Years in the making, Eric Steel spins Megan Boyd's seemingly simple life into a fairy-tale. Instand Streaming and HD Downloads!
"Fisherman's Edition"
Four never before seen bonus vignettes including:
 •  The Art of Casting
 •  How to Read a River
 •  Understanding the Rhythm of the Water
 •  Navigating the Seasons
Own your very own copy of Eric Steel's documentary on the life of Megan Boyd, fishing fly-maker extraordinaire.

75% of revenue goes directly to the filmmakers

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